External students

External students are welcome to Fly Riviera!

Come to discover new flying spots during your formation!

The Swiss Paragliding Pilot’s License requires 50 flights on 5 different sites. Our region offers multiple spots where you can perfect your skills. The altitude difference of Sonchaux (more than 1’000 m) allows you to perform and repeat all the figures required for the pilot’s license. Other sites allow us to practice “touch and go” or to vary the landing fields. If you don’t have your own equipment yet, you can rent it from Fly Riviera.

Coaching rate

30 CHF  / flight

(excluding shuttle service)

Pedagocial tandem rate

150 CHF / flight

(transport included to Sonchaux)

Glider rental rate 20 CHF / vol

Harness rental rate

(with rescue)

15 CHF / vol
Glider & harness rate 30 CHF / vol