External students

External students are welcome to Fly Riviera!

Come to discover new flying spots during your formation!

The Swiss Paragliding Pilot’s License requires 50 flights on 5 different sites. Our region offers multiple spots where you can perfect your skills. The altitude difference of Sonchaux (more than 1’000 m) allows you to perform and repeat all the figures required for the pilot’s license. Other sites allow us to practice “touch and go” or to vary the landing fields. If you don’t have your own equipment yet, you can rent it from Fly Riviera.

Coaching rate

30 CHF  / flight

(excluding shuttle service)

Pedagocial tandem rate

150 CHF / flight

(transport included to Sonchaux)

Half day groundhandling 150 CHF
Half day groundhandling with material 200 CHF
Glider rental rate 25 CHF / flight

Harness rental rate

(rescue included)

15 CHF / flight

Complete flying material rental rate


40 CHF/flight
Frontcontainer rescue rental rate 10 CHF / flight
Helmet rental rate 5 CHF / flight


Autonomous flights


Since 1 January 2024, an ” autonome flight ” has been required to obtain a Swiss paragliding pilot’s licence. This was introduced by the FSVL with the objective of promoting the autonomy of future pilots, from preparation before the day of the flight to the final decision to make the flight. This autonomous flight requires the student to fully prepare the flight that he/she will accomplish without the direct supervision of an instructor.

Fly Riviera asks its students to prepare meticulously and in detail for the planned flight, so that they can take a similar approach to the one they will have to do when they will be pilots themselves. We therefore require a similar level of preparation from external students coming to fly autonomously at the flying sites where we train our students.

An external student who wishes to fly at a site where we organise training flights or board a Fly Riviera shuttle must imperatively :

  1. Send his preparation for the autonomous flight to the Fly Riviera instructor in charge of the flight day:
    • No later than 6pm on the evening before the flight day (no autonomous flights will be accepted on the same day or later).
    • The instructor’s contact details can be found at: https://flyriviera.ch/programme/.
  2. The preparation for the autonomous flight must be dated and signed by the instructor responsible for the flight:
    • The instructor’s contact details must be included on the analysis document.
  3. The preparation for the autonomous flight must be detailed and complete:
    • It is important that all the main points such as the weather analysis, local regulations and the regulations of the day are included on the analysis so that the student is able to perform the flight safely, without infringing local regulations.

Fly Riviera remains at the disposal of external students to help them to complete this autonomous flight in safety. However, anyone who has not prepared sufficiently for this flight will not be permitted to make it on the sites where we train our students. We want to ensure that the safety of all those who practice paragliding and the long-term preservation of the flying sites are guaranteed.