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Registrations :

Send an sms or Whatsapp to the number on the message.

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Program year 2020

Season 2021 :


Solo flights :

Fly Riviera flies every day, when the weather allows it! Just follow the message published in the orange box and subscribe to the number shown there.

Initiation courses :

  • Do you want to start flying?
  • Small group courses.
  • Special rate Covid 19: 550 CHF with an pedagogic tandem flight.
  • We organize the courses regularly, on a Doodle. Contact us as soon as possible for details!


Winter 2021 :


Solo flights & initiation :

Fly Riviera keeps on flying during the winter. We coach students during the 4 seasons!


For more detailed informations, please check the French version of the website.


Let’s fly !