Pilot’s license

Four different modules bring you to the paraglider pilot’s license.

Initiation course

(No 1 green module)

The adventure starts here!

The initiation course takes you to your first solo flight, under radio guidance. In a gently sloping field, you learn the basics of taking off and landing with a paraglider. At the same time, we organize one educational tandem flight with an instructor. During these flight you will learn how to pilot a paraglider and you will do the figures required for your pilot education. These educational flight will give you the knowledge and the confidence you need for your first solo flight. Supervised at the take-off and the landing by 2 instructors, you will then perform your first solo flight under radio guidance. A flight you won’t ever forget!

Everything you need for your first solo flight is included in the module. So you don’t need to have your own equipment.

Rate: 550 CHF

(including transportation to the flight sites)

Develop the basics.

(No. 2 blue module)

Discover the fascinating sensations of flying!

This module includes 15 flights under radio guidance. During these flights, you will progressively acquire all the basics of flying a paraglider. A first step towards flights in complete autonomy.

Equipment rental is included in this module; this allows you to discover flying and to test different models of gliders and harnesses. Our instructors will be happy to guide you in the choice of the equipment that will best suit to your future life as a pilot.

Rate: 825 CHF

(excluding shuttle bus fees)

Progress in complete safety

(No 3 red module)

Develop your skills.

This module includes 20 flights, with and without radio guidance. Depending on the weather conditions and your abilities, we will gradually lead you to fly without permanent radio control. The flights with radio guidance will allow you to perfect the figures learned during the blue module and to learn new, more complex. An pedagogical tandem flight is also included in this module. It gives the opportunity to improve certain figures or to discover new facets of paragliding, such as thermal flying.

Equipment rental is no longer included in this module. At this stage of the formation, it becomes interesting for the student to acquire his own equipment that will accompany him throughout his future life as a pilot.

Rates : 750 CHF

(excluding shuttle bus fees)

Advanced training

(No. 4 black module)

Training for the practical exam.

This module allows you to finalise your training. It includes the flights necessary to take the final practical examination (at least 50 flights in total, see below). If the student needs more flights than the minimum required, he or she can continue to fly and improve with the school without paying for the extra flights! (maximum of 30 flights included). It is essential for us that students who leave our paragliding school are ready to start their pilot’s life with all the required qualifications.

Equipment rental is no longer included in the training. The student has his/her own paraglider and harness to practice with.

Even more flights included in the “Super package”!

(detailed information below)

Rates: 540 CHF

(excluding shuttle bus fees)

Fly Riviera advantages


A school certified by the FSVL (Fédération Suisse de Vol Libre) which promotes safety through increased training. We want that the students have all the required skills, from their first solo flights to the beginning of their pilot’s life.

The Super package

6’900 CHF for your formation, material included!

Possibility to pay by steps: after having passed the green and blue module; adjust the difference and you finish your formation with your own material.

Save 25 % on the cost of your equipment !

More flights included in the black module to pass your licence.

For more information, contact us.


An active school that flies regularly and on many flying sites. Under the sharp eye of our instructors, you will review not only all the exercises required for the pilot’s license but also many others that will help you to improve your skills.

Equipment at its best

You make your beginnings with the school’s material before investing in the glider of your dreams.

This allows you to try out and choose what will suit you the most for your future life as a pilot.

The Swiss pilot’s licence in detail

The Swiss paraglider pilot licence is a very complete formation. It gives the students a solid foundation to become an autonomous pilot. This training includes theoretical and practical parts which are validated by two exams dispensed by the FSVL (Swiss paragliding federation).

Becoming a paraglider pilot in Switzerland requires the following conditions:

  • From the age of 14 it is possible to start paragliding at school.
  • From 16 years old it is possible to pass the practical final exam.
  • The theoretical exam must be passed during the formation, before the practical exam.
  • The final practical exam gives you the license.
  • A minimum of 50 flights on 5 different flying sites is required to take part in the practical exam. Fly Riviera is a school that flies on many different sites. You will therefore have the opportunity to fly and to discover many paragliding spots during your formation.

Once the license is completed, the pilot is licensed forever. He is therefore not obliged to maintain a number of flights annually to keep his license. The Swiss license is very well recognized internationally and therefore allows you to fly in many countries of the world ( depend

Pilots who are on a comeback after a break are of course welcome in our school so that they can return to flying in complete safety.