Initiation courses

The adventure starts here!

Learn to fly!


The target of the initiation course is to bring you to your first solo flight, under radio guidance.

In a first step, you will learn all the basics to prepare your equipment. The beginning of the training is done in various stages in a gently sloping field so that you can progress in complete safety. Once you have acquired these basics, the remaining part of the training leads you to master the take-off and landing. This is acquired in the form of mini-flights of a few seconds, without gaining much height.

A theoretical course is also given during the first days of training. This will allow you to complete the base brought during the practical days. This theoretical basis will be very useful not only for your first solo flight but also for the rest of your training flights for your pilot’s license.

In parallel, we organise at least one pedagogical tandem flight with an instructor. During this flight you will learn to fly a paraglider and to do the figures required for your future training. This educational flight will give you the knowledge and the confidence you need for your first solo flight.

Supervised by 2 instructors during take-off and landing, you will then make this first solo flight under radio guidance. A flight you will never forget!

Everything you need for your first solo flight is included in the module. You do not need to have your own equipment.


In 2024


During the winter, we regularly organise initiation courses, depending on the availabilities of participants and the weather.

Interested in joining us? Contact us by phone or Whatsapp and we’ll give you all the information you need to start your training.

The school flies all year round, so you will have the opportunity to train in all four seasons!

1. Initiation courses in small groups:

  • Learn to fly on your own! The first step to become a paraglider pilot.
  • We organise regularly courses in small groups during weekends & weekdays.
  • You can find the dates for the next courses already planned on the French page. If you can’t be available during these, please contact us and we will do our best to get you started as soon as possible!
  • We also organise initiation courses during the week on request.
  • Do you have friends who want to fly? We will do our best to set up a course for you as soon as possible according to your availabilities!
  • Price: 550 CHF including equipment.
  • Contact us for more details!

The courses for the summer and autumn seasons will be published here. Do you have a specific request? Please contact us!

2. Private initiation courses:

Learn the basics with a private instructor. During the first 2 days you will be alone with your instructor. This will allow you to learn all the basics at your own rhythm and guarantee you a unique service!

We will also take the time to immortalise your first experiences through photos & videos. A nice souvenir that will also allow us to analyse your progress in more detail.

  • Price: 990 CHF including materials.
  • Contact us to book your private course.