Rescue folding

Regular folding of the reserve parachute is essential for safety!

Folding of emergency parachutes

The frequency of repacking a rescue parachute depends on its use and storage conditions. We recommend packing every 6 to 8 months. If the harness is subjected to strong variations (snow, humidity, strong temperature variations…), it is important to pack it more regularly. The elastics used for folding may deteriorate and stick to the lines and canopy. A regular folding ensures that you can keep an optimal opening time if necessary.  So don’t wait unnecessarily before folding it again! The average lifespan of a rescue parachute is 10 years if it is properly maintained.

Type of rescue Rates
Round parachutes 70 CHF
Square parachutes 90 CHF

Contact us to submit your request

There are several ways for you to transfer us your reserve parachute:

    1. You come to Villeneuve to drop off your equipment personally. Allow a little time for a rescue extraction test under the portico.
    2. You drop it off to a member of the Fly Riviera team in the Lausanne.
    3. You send it to us via Swiss Post : Fly Riviera SA / CP 141 / 1844 Villeneuve (shipping costs at your charge).

You have the same options for collecting your equipment. Allow a few days for the rescue packs to be folded. We leave them open for at least 24 hours to remove any humidity. Post delivery costs CHF 15.