Join us to complete and improve your flying skills with a qualified instructor.

You are a paraglider pilot and want to improve your skills?

Keep a high technical level and fly serenely!


Whether you are recovering after a break or simply looking to improve your skills in a specific domain, we will be happy to coach you in your passion:

  • Groundhandling, touch and go…
  • Fast descent maneuvers (ears, 360 engaged, B-stall, asymmetric collapse)…
  • Active piloting in turbulence
  • Thermal flying
  • Accelerator management
  • Controlling with the rear lines
  • Flight incident prevention and handling
  • And many more…

All these exercises can be performed by radio guidance and/or in pedagogical tandem flights. More skills for more safety and therefore much more fun flying 🙂 .

Coaching rate

25 CHF / flight

(excluding shuttle service)

Pedagogical tandem rate

150 CHF / flight

(transport included to Sonchaux)

Private instructor rate On demand