Foreign Pilots

Travelling pilots are welcome at Fly Riviera!

Pilot domiciled in a foreign country

  • Solo pilot:

A pilot who is not living in Switzerland can fly occasionally if he possesses an International Pilot’s Licence (IPPI) level IV or V. This licence is delivered by the national federation of the country of origin.

  • Tandem pilot:

For occasional non-commercial tandem flights, a foreign tandem licence is sufficient. Commercial flights are only permitted with a Swiss licence.

  • Liability insurance :

Liability insurance with a minimum cover of CHF 1 million is obligatory.

Pilot living in Switzerland

  • Solo & Tandem Pilot

As soon as a pilot is domiciled in Switzerland, the Swiss licence is required to fly in Switzerland. Pilots holding a foreign licence benefit from simplified admission conditions. You will find the details for each country on the official FSVL website, under the section Foreign pilots.

You are travelling or do not fly regularly in Switzerland.

You will fly with a Swiss paragliding instructor in the school.

  • Advantages: you are coached by a paragliding instructor and benefit from his advices.
  • Insurance: you must have an accident insurance covering the practice of paragliding and a “paragliding” liability insurance if you fly with your own equipment.
Coaching rate 30 CHF/flight

Rental rate

Harness (with rescue)

15 CHF/flight

Rental rate


25 CHF/flight

Rate for

bigger stages

On request

Are you accompanied by a friend who doesn’t fly?

It is possible to organize a tandem flight in parallel.

You decide to pass the Swiss pilot's license.

You do the paraglider pilot formation.

Advantages: a very complete training, recognized in many foreign countries and valid for life.

Requirements : 

  • Complete education (pilot with little or no experience): 50 flights minimum supervised by an instructor + one theoretical + one practical test.
  • Accelerated training (pilot with some experience): a number “X” of training flights necessary to pass the test figures + a partial theoretical test + a practical test ( depending on the experience acquired and on the tests already passed in the country of origin). 

Insurance: you must have accident insurance covering the practice of paragliding and “paragliding” liability insurance (possibility of subscribing directly at the FSVL).