The essential check before taking off!

Check MA VIE

An unavoidable check that includes 5 points to be checked before takeoff.

M Matériel Canopy, lines, shoes, rescue, radio, helmet
A Attache “I am very well attached”
V Vent Strength, direction, evolution
I Inspection

Terrain : obstacles, decision line, stop line

Centering : middle of the canopy, A and brakes free, no lines caught in the material.

E Espace aérien

Am I the only one to take off?

No one is going to land on the takeoff?

Pilot education exercises

We have created a file containing a multitude of exercises to be completed during your training as a future pilot, in order to help you benefit 100% from the courses given by Fly Riviera.

Do not hesitate to consult it regularly as this file is updated periodically.

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