Tandem flights

Discover our two main flying sites for the tandem flights.


Sonchaux is our main flying site for tandem flights. It is easy to access and has several take-off orientations, adaptable along the wind direction.

A flight of 1’000 m of altitude difference. We will fly over the Château de Chillon, Lake Geneva and the Riviera. An experience you won’t soon forget!

This is the flight we recommend to immerse yourself in the world of paragliding. The ideal first flight!

Our pilots will be pleased to offer you some acrobatic figures for the most adventurous.


Without photos / videos : 190 CHF

With photos / videos : 230 CHF

Without photos / videos : 170 CHF

With photos / videos : 210 CHF

Without photos / videos : 150 CHF

With photos / videos : 190 CHF


After a train ride on the Montreux – Rochers de Naye railway line, we arrive at the takeoff of the Col de Jaman. It is in a sumptuous environment. On one side the lake Geneva and Montreux, on the other the Gruyère.

The take-off is at the foot of the Rochers de Naye. The 1’400 m difference in altitude of the flight permit a flight over Lake Geneva, Montreux, Chillon Castle and Villeneuve to finish.

The orientation of the take-off offers less possibilities than in Sonchaux. It is therefore more difficult for us to guarantee that the flight will take place. It is important to book your flight in advance and to have regular availability in case we need to find a new flight slot. However when it is possible to take off there, it is an exceptional flight!


Without photos / videos : 300 CHF

With photos / videos : 340 CHF

Without photos / videos : 300 CHF

With photos / videos : 340 CHF

Without photos / videos : 300 CHF

With photos / videos : 340 CHF

They flew with us!

Awesome experience. The pilots are highly skilled and friendly. They even do small tricks ( since I was comfortable and not sick) during the flights which adds thrill. The view is excellent. Worth trying at least once.

Pratik K.

EXCELLENT paragliding day with these guys, with amazing views of montruex and the chiyon (spelling?) castle. if you’re around Montreux, don’t miss this

Sandrine T.

Wonderful experience and a super nice team. I really recommend !!!!

Typhaine R.

Take the step!


Fly with a professional tandem pilot.