Flying tandem

Flying tandem is one of the most beautiful ways to discover the world of paragliding.

Flying tandem is a unique and incredible feeling. Just a few steps and you’re in the air!

You fly silently through the sky. Imagine yourself sitting in your favourite chair with the sky, birds, mountains, a few clouds, a turquoise lake all around you…

The paraglide is designed to glide: there is no fall effect like in skydiving. The take-off is done with a few dynamic steps. Sometimes it can even be done without running, if the wind permits it. Then all you have to do is to let the pilot guide you through the air, comfortably installed in your harness.

The landing is done, like the take-off, with just a few steps. You are then back on the ground, often with only one desire… to do it again!

Who can fly a paraglider?

Paragliding is accessible to everyone. No specific physical abilities are required.

Can children also fly?

Of course! It is important that the choice to fly comes from themselves; they often have less apprehension than their parents. Parental permission is required for children under 14 years of age.

Who's a tandem pilot?

In Switzerland, tandem pilots must obtain a professional licence to fly with passengers. This licence is issued by the FSVL (Swiss Federation of Free Flight). It includes several theoretical and practical exams which are validated by the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation). This complete education ensures a high level of competence, and thus guarantees the passenger safety and comfort during the flight.

Reasons to fly with Fly Riviera?

Fly Riviera is also a paragliding school that forms future pilots in Switzerland. Most of our tandem pilots are also paragliding instructors. What could be better than flying with passionate professionals?

Is it possible to try to pilot yourself?

It’s possible! If the flying conditions are calm and allow it: take the controls, follow the pilot’s instructions and… become a paraglider pilot for a while!

I'm prone to vertigo, is it possible to fly anyway?

Of course! In flight, the fact of not having a direct link with the ground cuts off the effect of vertigo. People who are prone to vertigo are often surprised not to feel it in flight.

Is there a weight limit for flying?

The tandem equipment is designed for two people. It can carry passengers up to 110 kg. For people of strong corpulence, it is important to advise us. We will then be able to optimize the wind conditions by adapting the take-off time.

Is paragliding dangerous?

No, paragliding is not a dangerous sport. During good weather, several thousand flights are made every day in Switzerland. It is a booming sport that is becoming more and more popular. Even the Swiss Confederation has honoured it by including a paraglider on the new 50 chf ticket! Like hiking or climbing, paragliding is not considered a risk sport by SUVA (professional insurance). 

Do I need a special insurance to fly tandem?

Usually not. Since SUVA does not consider paragliding as a risk sport, most Swiss accident insurances cover paragliding. Pilots are covered by a liability insurance, but the passenger must have a personal accident insurance.

Can we do in-flight pictures?

It is possible to take in-flight pictures with your camera but only if the flying conditions allow it. There is a high risk of falling objects. Make sure you can attach your camera with a leash. If you want a souvenir of your flight, we recommend that you take the photos and videos option. Pilots are equipped with Gopro mounted on a long pole. These permit to take beautiful high definition pictures that you can share with your family and friends.

What do I have to bring with me to fly?

Good shoes (preferably high heels), a windproof jacket and sunglasses.

Take the step!


Fly with a professional tandem pilot.